Is a PWA / progressive web app a good option for your business and what are the costs of development?

Is a PWA / progressive web app a good option for your business and what are the costs of development? What is PWA development? PWA development is the process of creating progressive web applications. These are web applications that offer an app-like experience to users, but are built using web technologies. PWAs can be thought…

Welcome to the world of Progressive Web Apps—a revolution in application development which holds the power to reshape the way businesses approach digital products. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are essentially a hybrid of regular web pages and mobile applications, possessing the features and benefits of both with greater flexibility and user engagement. As a leading-edge concept in technology, they enable users to access the app including its full features, even in an offline mode or on low-quality networks.

In a progressively digital age, customers are becoming more technology-oriented, demanding more user-friendly and intuitive features. This shifting consumer demand palette has made it crucial for businesses to rethink their conventional software models and explore bespoke solutions. Here, PWAs come to the rescue. They are loaded with top-notch functionalities such as push notifications, background updates, and the ability to be saved on a user’s homescreen directly from a web browser – offering an app-like experience without necessitating a download from an app store.

In terms of market dynamics, Progressive Web Apps are swiftly gaining impetus, particularly within e-commerce and mundane task services sectors. According to Gartner, by 2020, PWAs took up 50% of all mobile apps. This burgeoning growth has been fostered by their native app-like look and feel, combined with their offline usage capabilities contributing to a solid and seamless user experience, even in flaky network situations.

Moreover, in the backdrop of browser advancements, PWAs have leveraged these improvements to further enrich their capabilities. Conceptually anchored in a mobile-first approach, PWAs are device-agnostic, which amplifies their usability and accessibility across different devices. In an ever-expanding tech-infused world, PWAs continue to disrupt traditional app deployment strategies, providing better conversion rates, wider reach, fewer data usage, and reduced development costs.

Now that you have a basis on what Progressive Web Apps are, we invite you to delve deeper into this fascinating topic. Browse our Progressive Web Apps blog section to gain insights about their nuanced benefits and application in various industries.

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